How to use Robot without using Martingale mode Function

   Dealing with robot trading Martingale strategy function is a bit risky to some traders specially if your account margin is less. But how to use Robot trading to run without using Martingale function and just use the normal lot size that you desired.

Below video and article will show you how to use the settings on our robot from

Suggested settings to disable the Martingale function.

The main inputs settings on our EA will focus on martingale mode settings as per below photo.

  1. Lot started- this settings will depends on your value allocation base on your account. For your safe, please start it with 0.01 lot size.
  2. Multiplier- You can leave it as 1.0, this means that the EA has to have a value else it will goes error during execution. But it won’t trigger to open  martingale due to it will look at the distance open position value.
  3. Take profit (pips) – You can input value as what you desired how many pips you want to capture as profit. Besides, if you want to use Trailing profit function, you can leave this as 0=value and let trailing profit to be use to lock your profit.
  4. Distance Open Position (Pips)- This portion you must put higher value for the EA to not trigger new lot size. You can have the value of 10,000pips which is impossible to hit.
  5. Distance Multiplier- you can leave it as 0 value.
  6. Max position (layer) per side- leave it as any value as it won’t trigger due to multiplier will not be trigger.
You can check the video above for better understanding. If you are need a full version Robot, get in to the main site for your full version copy.