PipsPlus Fund Management FXBlue Verified Result

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Easy steps to Participate to our Fund Management Service (MAM)

  1. Create a Sub-Trading Account on below button link. Or Click Here.

  2.  Verify your account.

  3.  Deposit your Sub-Trading account once created.

       *Follow below step by step instruction*

Start Here
Almost there 20%

Create your Sub-Trading Account for us to Manage

If you wish to open a sub account for us to manage, we are happy to welcome you.

This below instructions is for those who wanted a Fund Managing service for Free. We will manage your account and we trade together with our main account.

Any profit made will be –  30/70  sharing distribution.

This means any profit made from your account after 1 month trading cycle calculation as per below.:

70%– will be your profit and you can withdraw to your preffered option.

30% – this will be the traders commission, which is us.

Terms and Condition to join fund management
1. Must have minimum of 1,000 USD or equivalent currency or higher on your account deposit.
2. During profit withdrawals, must inform first before deciding to withdraw to safety your account. It may have current trades that not able to support if there is amount withdrawn. 
Please email: admin@forexpipsplus.com

Fund Management MyFXbook verified result

Fund Management FXBlue verified result

If you Agree with the above statement, Please continue to click below button link to Open a trading sub-account  to link to our MAM (multiple account management) account and start earning with us.

  1. Click the above button link and it will bring you to Join Master account steps.

         A.) Click Register if you haven’t register any account with FXchoice. ( Check below steps on how to sign up FXChoice Broker). 

                If you already sign-up previously, proceed to step (B) to log-in.

         B). If you already sign-up previously, Click Log-in Button.

After you have log-in in your account, it will bring directly to Manage account service acceptance.

Proceed below to complete.

     A.) Choose MAM account – PipsPlus2 – 216735  ( this is the account management to manage your account).

     B.) Tick the box [ ], i have read, understood….

    C.) Click Accept button

Once done the above steps your Sub account Classic MT4 log in will be send to your Email. and you can check as well under your account Tab below your Profile. ,

Steps by Step to Sign-Up Fxchoice Forex Broker

 Click Below + sign to follow step by step detailed instructions.

  1. Click the FXChoice Forex Broker link below to start sign up process. You can click the above button or Click this Link  FXChoice Forex Broker.

  1. Complete your personal details as per below.

      A.) Full name

      B.) E-mail

      C.) check box [ ] i have read….

  Then click Next.

Go to Step 3..

1.) Select your country in the selection box.

2.) Add your Mobile number.

3.) Tick box chapta box [ ]- i’m not a robot.

4.) Click Next.

You have 3 selection to choose. 

      A.) Open Live account

      B.) Open demo account

     C.) Take me to my profile.

Choose Take me to my profile. 

Note: You can choose any of the selection either Open Live account or Open demo account. But this can do later inside your own profile dashboard.

Once you are already in your account Profile Dashboard, You need to submit and attached the verification documents as per below. 

     A.) Drivers Licence

     B.) Passport 

     C.) Nation ID card

     D.) Permit Residence or any Alien registration card.  

Any one of this documents will be accepted (subject for approval to broker’s approval).

Note: your account will be review and validate by broker to approve.

     E.) continue to fill up your address and confirmation

Last step Done
Last Step to complete 90%

Deposit your Trading Account

 Click Below + to follow step on how to Deposit your account to start earning.

  1. In your Profile Dashboard, go to Deposit menu.

You can select any of your Preferred deposit option.  

Preferred selection from Bank Transfer, Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard) Crypto (Bitcoin, Etherium, ripple, Litecoin and etc.

You can use as well, the Wallet base deposit options.

2. Once you have selected the type of deposit, Click one of those deposit option.

Let say, you choose Bitcoin. Click Bitcoin, then choose account which you want to deposit. 

If you create a Sub-account which to subscribe to our MAM account management, Please choose Sub-account classic/Pro MT4 to deposit under that account.

        A.) key-in amount.

       B.) currency type.

       C.) Tick box [ ]. BITCOIN DEPOSITS……

       D.) Click Submit.




       E.) Click confirm the amount you want to deposit.

      F.) Next window will be the amount and address ( Crypto address) to deposit.


Please proceed to deposit base on the Details provided.

Average time to receive your deposit to appear in your account.

Credit card- on time it will receive on your account.

Crypto- Almost on time, or a couple of minutes to hour. depends on your wallet apps speed. 

Ewallet- on time it will receive on your account.

Bank Transfer- Average Takes 3-4 days.

Withdrawal from your Trading account

 Click Below + to follow step on how to withdraw amount from your account.

Note: Withdrawal will only be withdraw from where you deposit or replenish your account. This is by AML rules.

  1. In your Profile Dashboard, go to Withdrawal Menu.

You can select any of your Preferred option wallets or bank for where you deposit your amount.  

Select Preferred selection from Bank Transfer, E-wallets etc. Please refer below, this is base on your individual account.

2. Once you have selected the type of option to withdraw your amount, Click one of those withdrawal option.

 *  Fill up your details specially if you are withdrawing using bank transfer. *

Let say, If you choose Bitcoin. Click Bitcoin, then it will bring you to another page.

 Choose below to complete your withdrawal.

        A.) Account- this where your amount belongs and available to withdraw.

       B.) Amount in account currency- key-in your amount

       C.) Crypto (Bitcoin) address – key-in your Bitcoin address

       D.) Click Send Request.


Average time to receive your amount to your  wallet or bank.

Crypto wallet- Almost on time, or a couple of minutes to hour. depends on your wallet apps speed. 

Ewallet- on time it will receive on your account.

Bank Transfer- Average Takes 5-10 days.

Risk Disclaimer Advisory

  *Past Performance has no Guarantee of future result.*

   Trading on Forex is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital. You should not invest money in Forex trading that you can’t afford to lose. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved. It is desirable investors who would consider trading, to do so only with money that they can afford to lose. Seek independent advice if necessary. 

*You should treat Forex Trading as your Business, and not one time Millionaire mindset or Get-Rich-Quick scheme mindset. If your believe Forex is a Get-Rich-Quick scheme  or attitude of one time Millionaire, it will lead you to losing your money quickly. So, treat Forex as a business. Make sure to have proper calculation on your trading risk.*