ForexPipsPlus- offers Fund Managing Service in which your account will be attached to our PAMM master investment account and manage together with your invested accounts. Whatever earnings done by whole PAMM account, you will have your portion % percent on the earnings base on your capital attachment.

PAMM – (Percent Allocation Management Module)

Example: The whole PAMM account you are attached earns 10% in a month. And your attachment is $1,000.

This means, your return will be $100.

Note: Your returns are subject to deduct trader charges (this depends on the trader offer). All this are auto calculated in the PAMM system.

Need more info How it works? – Click FxPrimus PAMM for more details >> Click Here 

This to cater for those traders and Investors wanted to earn from our Robot EA without purchasing our EA copy and license.

Our Fund Managing account in which inclusive with our own investment and your attachment account investment will be closely monitor by our Team of traders and maintain for good results using our in-house Robot EA and you will be getting exactly 100% the same result.

FXprimus PAMM

Steps How to Participate in PAMM follower investment attachement

Click drop-down steps to follow step by step.

 To be part of FXPrimus PAMM Investment, you need to sign up under FXPrimus broker as per below steps.

1. Click this link to sign up FXPrimus Broker. Click here —–>>> FXPrimus link.

2. Fill-up and Complete the details needed.

   A. Name, Last Name, and Email.

     B. Select country and key-in Phone Number.

    C. Create user name and Password.

    D. Tick the chapta (im not a robot).

    E. Click register now.

3. Check you email and click the link Verify my email send by FXprimus  for email verification.

4. Submit your Personal Documents needed for account verification (ex. ID, passport, Driving licence etc.)  for Prof. of residence verification ( ex. electric or phone billings with address, bank account transaction with address etc.)

Once done, proceed to step 2.

After signing up and created an account with FXprimus, the next is to fund your account. Follow steps below.

1). Log-in to you account and click Fund account.

2)  Under your navigation menu, click fund account.

3). Select  types of funding that convenience to you.

    A). International Wire Transfer

    B). Broker Transfer ( if you have funded account from other broker)

    C). Credit/Debit card

    D). E-wallet (Neteller or Ecopayz)

    E). Local Bank Transfer ( if available in your country)

4). Key-in amount amount in USD intended to deposit. 100usd, 200usd, 500usd or above.

5). Select account to fund (if you already created PAMM investor account, please select). If not, just choose MT4 account.

6). click review, once confirm, continue to click confirm.

7). key-in details on your selected funding option. ( if credit card, please input credit card details)

8). Click pay now and wait for confirmation email on your funding amount.

9). Once deposit confirm, the amount will be visible on your log-in account under MT4 ID or under PAMM ID.


To Create your PAMM investor account log-in,  follow the steps below.

1). Login in your fxprimus account.

2). Under your dashboard menu, click PAMM service.

3). Read the Apply for investment account and Click Agree.

4). Your investor PAMM log-in account will be send to your email.

5). Click this link to log-in to your investor PAMM account —>>>  PAMM account link click here.

Note: This step need to perform If your deposit amount still available at your MT4 acccount. But If it is already in PAMM investor account, you can ignore this step an proceed to step 5.

Once your funds under your MT4 account, follow the steps below.

1). Log in to your FXprimus account

2). Go to MT4 Tab.

3). Click drop-down and select MT4 to MT4 Transfer.

4). At the transfer from selection, select the MT4 ID with your funds ( this is to transfer funds to your PAMM investor account).

FX Primus PAMM account

5). Next, select transfer to selection, and select PAMM MT4 ID and add your ID belowFill-up the amount, currency (USD), and put some remarks.

6). Key-in your password ( account password) and click preview. Once done, Click confirm.

7). Email confirmation will be sent to your email. Make sure to click the link in your email to confirm. Once done, you can check your funds already transfer to PAMM MT4 ID.

PAMM funding


To attached your PAMM investor account to Master  trader account, Your account has to be funded as per step 2. And funds must be in PAMM MT4 ID account as per Step 4.

Once done funded your PAMM investor account, follow the steps below.

Attached PAMM investor to PAMM master selection
1). Click this link to attached to PAMM master trader (PIPSPLUS)  >>> CLICK HERE.

2).  Click +JOIN Button  on the right side.

3). Log-in using your PAMM investor account ID. (you have created at step 3).

4). Go to Offers and select one of the offers.

(for account $500 above select this offers –Pipsplusbest 2 and Pipsplusbest 3)

( for account  $200-499, select Pipsplusbest 4).

 5). Click Join (on the right side) and after click, key-in your amount to invest.

6). Tick the 2 boxes to accept account PAMM service regulation. 

7). Click Submit Request.

8). Email will be sent to you for the summary of your selected investment. 

Sample email after PAMM attachement

9). And Your done. Wait for monthly returns update.

**Thank You for Following**

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